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Beyonce Skin Lightening

Beyonce Skin Lightening

Beyonce Skin Lightening, Myth or Fact?

Beyonce has recently faced critics about skin lightening, however this isn’t anything new for the queen B. In 2008 when Beyonce starred in an L’Oreal advertisement her complexion appeared to be a few shades lighter compared to what it is in person. The controversy has done a full 360 and come back around. Being as famous as she is Beyonce is constantly scrutinized. Critics are speaking out about the new pale complexion that Beyonce is rocking. The critics claim is that Beyonce is lightening her skin, which is completely her business. What seems to bother these critics is that Beyonce’s skin lightening will have a bad effect on her younger fans who have darker complexions. In an effort to be like their favorite entertainer, many think these young girls will begin to lighten their skin. What’s crazy is that there maybe some credence to this worry because thousands of people each year search google for “ Beyonce Skin Lightening “. Seems like people are interest in the strategies Beyonce uses to lighten her skin (if in fact she does).

In the past many companies including L’Oreal and Pepsi have been accused of Photoshopping Beyonce’s images to appeal to the masses whether that be by lightening her skin color or altering her womanly curves.  Some experts say the lighter skin appearance could be a result of extreme lighting, while other suggest that it’s a result of Photoshop digital altering. Anyway you look at it Beyonce is beautiful and many people will want to look like her, hopefully though people don’t credit her beauty to a lightened complexion. It is a personal preference to lighten or even the skin and for those who are interested in lightening their skin, doing it safely is of the utmost importance.

Beyonce seems to be doing just fine and doesn’t seem to be suffering from skin cancer or any of the harsh effects of bad skin lightening. So critics should give her a break! If you’re looking to lighten your skin safely and effective, check out these top lightening products.

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